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To lead position in the footwear components market. To be referential in quality and performance, offering products technologically updated and  for the excellence of our services.


To supply shoes components which result in customer satisfaction, in the company's growth, the welfare of mankind and the return of financial capital.


  • Honesty in your purposes;
  • Transparency in your attitude;
  • Humility in your Posture;
  • Responsibility in your actions;
  • Balance in your decisions;
  • Follow the Norms and Laws;
  • Respect for the environment.

Quality Policy

Supply components with quality to the footwear market through continuous improvement and compliance with applicable requirements, resulting in customer satisfaction, the company's development, human well-being and capital remuneration..


Believing that quality management is the best way to provide competitive
company that allows participation in community development, the welfare of employees, the customer satisfaction and return on investment, the company engages in order full and definitive actions to be carried out for these objectives to be achieved.

Imbued within this philosophy, the direction of Boxflex confirm this
commitment. Believes that the company and its employees to act
within the personal and professional ethics, honesty, humility,
responsibility and discipline, balance, mutual respect, transparency of
actions, finally, in the spirit of conscious citizenship, values of human dignity, can together share the success of its purposes.

The success of Boxflex is closely linked to the effort and commitment of
all its members in their socio-economic development. The quality management
will transform into reality the vision of leadership and organization
excellence glimpsing a promising and sustainable future.